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DoctorNowPlease is a leading direct-to-consumer provider of Telehealth and other Discount Medical Benefits.

DoctorNowPlease is a strategic partner of New Benefits, the nation’s oldest and largest administrator of discount medical plans since 1990, and duly licensed as a Discount Medical Plan Organization in each applicable state in this heavily regulated industry.

DoctorNowPlease specializes in distribution of telehealth platforms featuring Teladoc, connecting members to doctors in minutes whenever needed 24/7.  For common illnesses, members can conveniently see or talk to a doctor from the comfort of their home, while at work, or from a car, truck or hotel when traveling. Doctors diagnose, recommend treatment and issue prescriptions, when appropriate.   Just like an in office visit and the doctor is always in - NOW.

The platforms also feature other benefits that can serve to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses in several categories including:  doctors, dentists, opticians, chiropractors, hospital bills and more.

We are traveling down a path of freedom from the burden of rising costs, and dramatically improving our member's access to quality healthcare.  Further, we are improving the financial-health of our members by reducing their healthcare expenses.  JOIN US!

A tiny fee and a simple easy-to-use Access Card make it possible.


Our Mission


IT'S ABOUT HEALTH... BETTER HEALTH. 24/7/365 nearly instant access to doctor care anytime-anywhere from the comfort of your home, car or at work, when traveling or camping and with NO CONSULT FEES. This is no longer a dream but rather a mainstream reality. Telehealth Platforms are rapidly becoming the 21st century health paradigm. And, it’s about time. We have been able to put a man on the moon for decades but until now have not been able to get someone a timely or affordable doctor appointment.

Better health also means the ability to conveniently access ancillary services (prescription drugs, dentists, opticians, etc.) at prices well below retail so they are easier to attain.


  • Continue to expand nationally and provide members improved access to healthcare while saving them as much time, worry and money as possible;

  • Continue to build plans that can be inclusive of those who have insurance and those who are uninsured or under insured; and tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of each member;

  • Strive to continue our policy of providing the best customer service possible to our members;

  • For our marketing partners and affiliates, we will continue to put products and services into your hands that you can be proud to represent;

    We continue to provide the support and training necessary to give you and your customers the best financial and healthcare advantages possible.






You can use the platform to:

Connect with a doctor in minutes using a phone or smartphone, or video chat with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Get diagnosed | Get treated | Get a prescription ordered if appropriate

Pick up a discounted prescription at the local pharmacy or your choice. All done in about an hour. No co-pays, no consult fees. How does that compare with your last appointment?

You can use it for sore throat, sinus infection, cold or flu, earache, allergy, fever, cough, abdominal pain, urinary tract infection, vomiting, headache, bee stings, bronchitis or other respiratory infection issues, rash and other dermatology issues, behavioral counseling, or just about any other common illness and many minor injuries.

When you need access and discounts to other discount benefits we provide like vision, dental, prescriptions, etc., you can simply show your easy-to-use Access Card to any of the 1000's of in-network participating locations across the country.  An easy-to-use provider finder is on the web or you can call us to find one.

When you present your Access Card to a participating location, you will receive a discount at the time of purchase or service. There is no fee for Teladoc consultations. There are no health restrictions or paperwork, ever.  You and your legal dependants can use the Access Card immediately upon receipt, and as many times as needed day or night, any day of the year.

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Our discount services and 24/7 on-demand doctor care are restricted to U.S. residents but we DO have marketing affiliates overseas.

We market to... and service members in 45 states. Currently, our benefit plans are NOT AVAILABLE in KS, PR, UT, VT, WA.

NOTE: This does not affect members traveling in these states. If you are an Ohio resident for example, and you get sick on a camping trip in Vermont, you can still get on your smartphone and see a doctor. You will be talking to a licensed physician from Ohio - your state of residence.

We have marketing affiliates in ALL 50 states.

The restricted state marketing affiliates work with business and individual contacts in the other non-restricted states.

Further, we allow foreign marketing affiliates and COMPATS in 51 countries to offer DoctorNowPlease to their contacts in the U.S. in the states we do business.

Click on VIEW PLANS to see the benefits available.

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What is a Discount Medical Plan? *


  • More than 30 million Americans are members of discount health plans through a variety of entities, including: associations, senior organizations, educational groups, businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions and unions.
  • The purpose of a discount health plan is to supplement insurance, save money on out-of-pocket health costs and make ancillary services more affordable.  For the un-insured, it may be the only way to access affordable healthcare benefits.
  • Discount health plans and savings vary based on services, procedure and location. Typically, plans offer anywhere from 20% to 60% off the regular fee of health care services provided.
  • Discount health plans are not qualified plans under the Affordable Care Act.
  • In exchange for a monthly fee, people get a membership, a list of in-network providers, and a discount on services when visiting those providers. Discount health plans typically fall into two categories:

    1. Limited to specific type of service with discounts (e.g., dental, prescription, vision, etc.)
    2. Bundled services with discounts (e.g., dental + vision + telehealth, etc.)

* SOURCE: Consumer Health Alliance


Editor’s Note: It is interesting to note that Telehealth services are a fairly recent addition to benefits offered by Discount Medical Plan Organizations. We are asked all of the time, “How can access to Teladoc be so inexpensive?”

One must keep in mind that DMPO’s already had millions of members using other discount health benefits like vision, dental, etc. It became a simple matter for DMPO’s to use their existing member numbers as a leverage base and negotiate pricing with Telehealth providers, subsequently developing a subscription pricing model that was good for the providers, the DMPO’s and most important – you the consumer.  This is why, for example. our members DO NOT PAY a CONSULT FEE to see a doctor.



Live your dreams

What the Access Card can do?  It is not unusual to realize out-of-pocket savings of $4-800 a year per family member. Age 40+ members potentially save more because there is more opportunity for use unfortunately, as we get older.  This is money you are already spending that can now be put back in your pocket.  It is like getting a virtual pay raise!  Could you put it to better use?

Compute the amount over 5, 10 or 20 years and that is a lot of unnecessary spending that can be put to use.  And we must consider that prices are not decreasing.  Costs are continuing to spiral upword whether  for prescriptions, doctor visits, Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care, eyeglasses, dental work, lab work, hospital stays, insurance and deductibles, etc., etc.  Deductibles in today's insurance marketplace can be as high as $5,000 a year, putting an enormous burden on policy holders to pay that much out-of-pocket for day-to-day health needs year after year..

For as long as you carry your membership, you can expect to stay out front of these costs and pocket a great deal of unnecessay spending.


DoctorNowPlease marketing efforts include a unique affiliate program.  We offer part-time and home-based business opportunities to consumate sales professionals, stay-at-home moms, bloggers, networkers, teachers, truckers, college students, non-profits looking for a fund-raiser, etc.  It seems we have affiliates from nearly all walks of life. Regardless of your experience, if you are looking for a way to make a little money, a lot of money, or looking for a way to dramatically decrease your health care costs, you have come to the right place at the right time.  There is $00 cost to become an affiliate and we provide a great deal of training and support.  If you would like to get paid to help us grow, visit the Affiliate Application page for more details.  You may also talk to the representative that referred you to our website or write us at





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